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On-line Branch Counselor's Support Letter for an
IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre Grant

sponsored by the IEEE Canadian Foundation

  You must complete all sections of this form in order to be able to submit. Only IEEE Student Branches
  in Canada are eligible to receive IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre Grants. Please read the
  information about application for grants and operation of these centres available on this web site.

 Step 1: Please identify yourself and your University/College

  1.1 I am the Branch Counselor Yes No
  1.2 Enter your full name (surname last)
  1.3 Enter your e-mail address
  The e-mail address you enter above should be the one used to send this electronic letter of
  recommendation so that the foundation can verify the sender
  1.4 Select your university or college from this list:
 Step 2: Please provide your comments regarding this application

  2.1 Provide your assessment of the adequacy of the current and planned operation of the centre
  facilities space, services, security) and indicate whether you support them

  2.2 Provide your opinion of the proposed expenditures to establish or improve the centre.
  2.3 Confirm that the student branch has already raised or secured a commitment for their
  required 25% (minimum) of the proposed expenditures - the foundation will only provide up to a
  maximum of 75% of the proposed project to establish or improve an IEEE McNaughton Learning
  Resource Centre.
 Step 3: Submit your Letter


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