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Grant Report

  Please read these notes first
  •  A report is required from the recipient of any foundation grant.
  • Please read the guidelines for reports before completing this form.
  • Complete all sections of this form and submit using the button at the bottom of this form.
  • The email address you enter in step 1, will be used by the foundation to respond to you.
 Step 1: Identify the category of grant you received and your IEEE  Connection
  1.1 Select category of grant  
  1.2 Enter the project   description title you provided in   your application
  1.3 This report is from:
  Note: Use the same selection   as in your application  
a) An IEEE Student Branch
b) An IEEE Section
c) An IEEE Canada Committee
d) A non-IEEE entity
e) An Individual
  1.3a Select your IEEE Student   Branch location
  1.3b Select your IEEE Section
  1.3c Enter the name of the IEEE   Canada Committee
  1.3d Enter the name of the non   IEEE entity

 Step 2: Identify yourself
  2.1 Enter your full name -   surname last 
  2.2 Enter your e-mail address 

 Step 3: Provide the final report for your project in the following  sections
  3.1 Summarize your project's goals and objectives and the extent to which these were achieved. (up to 900   characters)
  3.2 Summarize your project's intended outcomes and the extent to which these were achieved. (up to 900   characters)
  3.3 Provide an accounting for the actual expenditure of funds compared to the funding plan as originally   proposed. (up to 900 characters)
  3.4 Provide a description of benefits that may be derived by IEEE members or IEEE Sections, Chapters or   Branches through the replication or extension of this project. (up to 900 characters)
 Step 4: Success story
  4.1 Tell your "sucess story" (what you or your group gained in experience, what you achieved, etc.) that the   foundation can use to publicize the benefits of these grants programs.. (up to 1800 characters)
  4.2 Please upload one or two jpg images and refer to them in your story (photos are really appreciated)
  Upload Your File Here (Max 100KB)   1. 
  Upload Your File Here (Max 100KB)   2. 

 Step 5: Submit your Report

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