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About the Foundation Members - Ossama Iskandar
Iskandar Photo
Ossama L. Iskandar, P.Eng. SM IEEE
Osamyr Engineering
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ossama (Sam) Iskandar, P.Eng., is a Registered Professional Engineer with the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) and the ‘Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec’ (OIQ). He is also certified by the Open Group. He has over 30 years engineering experience in the Telecommunications and IT industries.

Mr Iskandar currently holds the position of Senior Solutions Director/Architect at CompuCom Canada Ltd. where he is responsible leading the development of solutions and proposal of CompuCom’s Products and Services to assigned accounts. Makes and develops contacts with existing and potential customers. Analyzes existing and anticipated customer requirements and promotes consideration of CompuCom’s products and services to meet such requirements.

Mr. Iskandar also held the position of an Executive IT architect with the IBM Corporation. He has developed technical designs to solve some of the most challenging service provider problems.  For example, he designed proposed a Voice over IP Call centre solution for a service provider in Cincinnati and India;  recently proposed an ASP solution for a wireless service provider; developed an ISP solution for an ISP wholesale hosting at Cable & Wireless and  designed a net. commerce solution for a major e-business service provider in Colorado.  Ossama has excellent skills in IP Internet technology as well as deep knowledge of the telephony infrastructure and is experienced in merging the two networks to help xSP offer compelling services.  For example, Ossama developed and Implemented an SS7 WIN services enabler using IS41 messaging for the Canadian Wireless services providers for which he acquired a patent,  an IVR application to modify, and report Personal Identification Numbers for Credit Cards. His implementation of  Wireless Enhanced services using IS41 protocol was patented and the patent awarded in December 2001. He is a leader in assuring the professional development of other IT architects in the profession. He was a member of the IT architects certification review board for IBM since 1999.

Mr Iskandar has held engineering and management positions at Northern Telecom, and operating Telcos. He directed business planning, engineering and operational experience with analogue and digital switching technologies, in particular the Northern Telecom DMS-100 family of products, and with the design optimization and operations of public, private and military telecommunications networks. This experience provided Mr. Iskandar with significant knowledge of both the operations and the networks of the Stentor members, the Canadian Independents (Quebec Tel, Northern Telephone, etc...) and the RBOCs in the USA.

Mr. Iskandar’s experience also includes assisting major organizations (in particular, the provincial Governments of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and BC, as well as the Royal and the Scotia Banks) in the design and implementation of their private networks and contact centres and has first hand experience with the introduction of new features and services and telecommunication solutions based on Centrex, ISDN and Session Initiated Protocol (SIP). He has further practical experience in planning, designing and implementing the Stentor Vnet network, the USAF Scopedial Network and Bell Canada’s Operator Services. As Business Services Planning Manager he gained first hand experience with meeting the needs of major business, consumers and governments.

He became a member of the foundation, served on the Grants Committee, and then accepted the position of Secretary in November 2004.

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