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On-line Application for an
IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre Grant

sponsored by the IEEE Canadian Foundation

  You must complete all sections of this form in order to be able to submit. Only IEEE Student Branches in Canada
  are eligible to receive IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre Grants. Please read the information about
  application for grants and operation of these centres available on this web site.

 Step 1: Please identify yourself and your student branch
  1.1 Enter your full name (surname last)
  1.2 Enter your e-mail address
  1.3 Enter your IEEE membership number
  1.4 Are you the Student Branch Chair? Yes No
  1.5 If you are not the student branch chair, state your position on the branch executive and explain why you
  are submitting this grant application on behalf of your branch.
 Step 2: Please identify the overall nature of the grant requested
  2.1 Select grant application type
Upgrade an Existing Centre
Establish a New Centre
  2.2 Select your institution
  2.3 Enter the amount of the grant you are
$ .00      Grant Percentage of Total $
  2.4 Enter the amount of the additional funding
  you have already obtained,or have a
  committment for
$ .00
  2.5 Total funding (sum of 2.3 and 2.4) $ .00
  2.6 Enter a descriptive title for this project
 Step 3: Please provide details about this project
  3.1 Provide details of the additional funding noted in 2.4 above
  3.2 Provide a list of items to be purchased along with the intended use of each item
  3.3 Provide a financial plan
  3.4 Provide a brief plan for long term operation of your Centre
  3.5 Provide a plan for equipment maintenance and site security
  3.6 If this is an application to establish a new centre - state the purpose of the centre and the intended
  benefits of the centre to the student branch, other students in the programme and your department.
  3.7 If this request is for an upgrade to an existing centre, provide a status report with reference to items
  purchased with prior grants
 Step 4: Please identify the three individuals who must provide letters
 of recommendation to support this application
  4.1 Enter the name of your student branch
  counselor (as it appears in the current calendar)
  4.2 Counsellor e-mail address
  4.3 Enter the name of your department chair (as
  it appears in the current calendar)
  4.4 Department Chair e-mail address
  4.5 Enter the name of your faculty dean (as
  it appears in the current calendar)
  4.6 Dean e-mail address
 Step 5: Additional Information
  Consolidate any additional information pertinent to your application in one file and upload below. The file
  must be in any of the following format "xls, doc or pdf". (Maximum size 200KB)
 Step 6: Submit your Application
... then make sure each of the three indivduals (you specified in section 4 above) complete/submit their electronic letters of support

NOTE: Form processing is temporarily unavailable. Please save the contents of this form after completion and email to the ICF Grants Committee.

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