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On-line Dean's Support Letter for an
IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre Grant

sponsored by the IEEE Canadian Foundation

  You must complete all sections of this form in order to be able to submit. Only IEEE Student Branches in
  Canada are eligible to receive IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre Grants. Please read the
  information about application for grants and operation of these centres available on this web site.

 Step 1: Please identify yourself and your University/College
  1.1 I am the Faculty Dean Yes No
  1.2 Enter your full name (surname last)
  1.3 Enter your e-mail address
  The e-mail address you enter above should be the one used to send this electronic letter of
  recommendation so that the foundation can verify the sender
  1.4 Select your university or college from this
  Step 2: Please provide your comments regarding this application
  2.1 Please comment on your long term committment to provide secure space and related services for
  the IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre on your campus - operated by your IEEE student
 Step 3: Submit your Letter

NOTE: Form processing is temporarily unavailable. Please save the contents of this form after completion and email to the ICF Grants Committee.

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