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Online Nomination for an
IEEE Canada Power Quality Scholarship

sponsored the Trustees of the Alberta Power Quality Conference

 Instructions to fill out this form

  • Read the entire form before you start preparing your nomination.
  • It is recommended that you create all your content in a text editor, then cut and paste into the form.
  • Complete all sections of this form and press the submit button.
  • Only IEEE Student Members in good standing at Universities in Alberta are eligible to receive this scholarship.
  • This form is to be completed and submitted by a faculty member in the same department at the same university as the nomineee, and must be accompanied by a second form completed and submitted by the student nominee.
  • The nominator should automatically receive an email copy of the output of the nominee form as soon as it has been submitted.
  • You will not be able to submit this form unless you complete ALL sections.

 Step 1: Please identify yourself as the Nominator
  1.1 Enter your full name (surname last)
  1.2 Enter your e-mail address
  1.3 Enter your IEEE membership number enter 0 if you are not a member
  1.4 Select your university from this list
(if your university is not on this list, it means you are not eligible for this Scholarship)
  1.5 Please enter the URL of the web page on your university web site that lists you as a faculty member:
 Step 2: Please identify your Nominee
  2.1 Enter your nominee's full name (surname   last)
  2.2 Enter your nominee's e-mail address
  2.3 Enter your nominee's IEEE membership   number enter 0 if you are not a member
  2.4 Enter the name of your nominee's academic   program   (e.g. electrical engineering)
  2.5 Enter your nominee's current year/level of a year/level program.
(e.g. year 3 of a 4 year program)
 Step 3: Please indicate why you believe this student is qualified to  receive this schorarship
  3.1 Success in undergraduate electric power related courses
  e.g. power circuits, electric machines, power systems, power electronics, etc.)
(up to 600 characters)
  3.2 Demonstrated interest in "Power Engineering" and "Power Quality" (up to 300 characters)
 Step 4: Submit your Form


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