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On-line Application for an
IEEE Canadian Foundation Special Grant

  Complete all sections of this form and submit electronically. Please read the information about special
  grants available on this web site.

   ** denotes optional fields for non IEEE Members

 Step 1: Please identify yourself
  1.1 Provide your name and your connection to
  this project
  1.2 Enter your e-mail address
  1.3 Enter your address:                                  Street  
  City or Town  
  Postal Code 
  1.4 Enter your IEEE membership number ** 
  1.5 Enter your IEEE section ** 
  1.6 If your project involves a Canadian
  university or college, please select its
  name from the list 

 Step 2: Please describe your application in the following sections
  2.1 Enter a descriptive title for this project

  2.2 Choose your funding area Technology for humanitarian causes
Student Branch activities that excite highschool
       students about electrical or electronics engineering or
       computer science
Student Branch entries into national or international
       design competitions
Student Branch activities that promote interaction with
       industry - including SPAC's
Other - Please elaborate below
  2.3 For your chosen funding area, explain how your project best applies to your selected area of interest

Please no leading zeros when entering the numbers in 2.4 and 2.5
  2.4 Enter the amount of the grant you are
  2.5 Enter the amount of the additional funding
  you have already obtained
  2.6 Total funding (sum of 2.4 and 2.5) .00
  2.7 State the objective of the project
  2.8 Provide a brief description of the project
  2.9 Provide a detailed plan of activities including time lines and metrics
  2.10 Provide a detailed financial plan showing all projected income and expenses including other sources
  and amounts of funding
  2.11 Provide a plan to measure the success of the project, and a commitment to provide a report to the IEEE
  Canadian Foundation
  2.12 Provide a full description of yourself and any co-applicants, indicating any IEEE association,
  and reference(s) to any external support for your project
  2.13 Provide a clear statement relating the project to the mission of the IEEE Canadian Foundation
  2.14 Provide a full description of the sustainability of your project (one-time, semi-permanent, permanent,
  extendible to other times/locations, etc.)
  2.15 If a response to your application is requested before the next published meeting of the IEEE Canadian
  Foundation Board, provide your preferred date and explanation. If not enter "NA"
  2.16 If you have additional information in a file and not included in the sections above, you can attach this file.(Files must be in following formt "xls,doc,pdf" - Max 200 KB)
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 Step 3: Submit your Application

NOTE: Form processing is temporarily unavailable. Please save the contents of this form after completion and email to the ICF Grants Committee.
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