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On-line Application for an
IEEE Canada Vehicular Technologies Travel Grant

sponsored by IEEE Canada

 Instructions to fill out this form

  • Read the entire form before you start preparing your application.
  • It is recommended that you create all your content in a text editor, discuss with your supervisor, and gain approval first, then cut and paste into the form.
  • Complete all sections of this form and press the submit button.
  • Only IEEE Student Members in good standing at a Canadian University or College are eligible to receive IEEE Canada Vehicular Technologies Travel Grants.
  • The research supervisor is expected to read this completed application

 Step 1: Please identify yourself and your research group
  1.1 Enter your full name (surname last)
  1.2 Enter your e-mail address
  1.3 Enter your IEEE membership number
  1.4 Select your university or college from this   list
  1.5 If your institution is not listed, please click   Yes, thene enter the name of your institution in   the box below Yes No
 Step 2: Please identify the overall nature of the research program
  2.1 Provide the name of conference or IEEE   activity
  2.2 Enter the URL of the conference web site
  2.3 Enter the title of the paper you are presenting
  2.4 Enter the paper abstract or detailed explanation of reason for attending the IEEE activity
  2.5 Enter the names and affiliations of the other authors of this paper
  If you are the sole author, please enter "NA"
  2.6 Provide proof of acceptance for presentation and attendance at conference
  2.7 Provide a budget of anticipated travel costs (maximum travel grant is $1200)
 Step 3: Submit your Application

NOTE: Form processing is temporarily unavailable. Please save the contents of this form after completion and email to the ICF Grants Committee.

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