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About IEEE Canadian Foundation Scholarships and Nominations
The IEEE Canadian Foundation annually sponsors a number of scholarships. Currently, the value of each is either $3500 or $1750.

Note Nominations must be complete and received by the posted deadline in order to be considered.

This scholarship is called the IEEE Canadian Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship is intended to encourage awareness of and participation in the educational programs supported by the IEEE. It is intended to pay a major portion of the final year tuition fees and related academic expenses of a student who has demonstrated a previous commitment to the IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre and related IEEE activities, and who indicates a desire to continue this activity. There are two scholarship values to acknowledge that engineering program fees are generally higher than those for technology programs.

Expected Goals
Within the limitations imposed by course work, the Scholarship holder is expected to work closely with the IEEE Student Branch executive, and to be active in the IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre.

All student members of the IEEE who are registered in their penultimate year and have been active in the Centre for a minimum of one year are eligible.

Selection of Nominee
The Branch Counselor, (preferably in consultation with the Section Chair,) will determine the nominee, based on their knowledge of the eligible candidates' activities in the IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre and the IEEE Student Branch.   To aid in this process the Branch Counselor may request that candidates prepare a report on their activities (see next section) which the sucessful candidate will submit to the foundation (using the online report form).   Once the nominee is determined, the Branch Counselor will submit an online nomination form.

Report on Activities
The nominee will submit a report detailing past and planned IEEE and Centre activities.   It is strongly suggested that the nominee reads the on-line form beforehand very carefully and makes sure to include all the information requested.

The counselor nomination and the student report must be submitted on-line using the "grant applications" link on the left side of this page by March 15.

More Information
For more information, please e-mail

The Decision Process
The Grants Committee of the IEEE Canadian Foundation will review and rank the nominations, and forward their recomendations to the Board of Directors of the IEEE Canadian Foundation, who will determine the recipients at their first meeting of each year, normally held in early April.

Nominees will be notified via e-mail by the Foundation, as soon as possible following the meeting of the Board of Directors. Each recipient's University (or College) will be contacted by the Foundation regarding the awarding of the scholarship and financial arrangements. Payment will be made directly to the educational institution.

A framed certificate will be presented to the Scholarship holder by the Section Chair at a suitable IEEE (Branch or Section) Meeting.

Scholarships Awarded by Year , Scholarship FAQs
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