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Frequently Asked Questions about Student Branch Addresses

The Questions

  1. What kind of addresses?
  2. Why do these addresses need updating?
  3. How can I update these addresses?

The Answers

1 What kind of addresses?

Web Site addresses and E-mail addresses (URLs). For each branch, there are three of each:
  • The URL of your department web site
  • The URL of your student branch web site
  • The URL of your IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre web site
    for help with this site - see this FAQ
  • The generic e-mail address of your student branch *
  • The personal e-mail address of your student branch chair
  • The personal e-mail address of your student branch counselor

2 Why do these addresses need updating?

URLs. Once created, website URLs tend to be more constant than e-mail addresses - however, changes in computer networks (including server upgrades or consolidation) of educational institutions may result in changes to these URLs - and the changes may appear different from outside the institution. Please check the URL listings on the foundation web site occasionally and whenever changes occur at your school.

E-mail Addresses. These may change every year as the people who are the branch chairs (students) and counselors (faculty advisors) are replaced by elections and so on. Also, the generic branch email address * which points to the branch chair, or the student web master, or the entire committee needs to be updated every time there is a change in personel. Sometimes, these updates within the branch do not happen!

* please use your IEEE alias if you have one

The IEEE Canadian Foundation relies on these e-mail addresses to tell you about the funds we have for you: scholarships, learning centre grants, and special grants. So we ask you to help us (to help you) by updating regularly.

3 How can I update these addresses?

The Foundation On-line Update Service is a convenient way to both check the URLs and addresses we have for your branch, and to send us the new ones (to replace invalid addresses or provide missing ones).

On the left side navigation panel of the web site is a link called Branch Updates which brings up a web page containing a form for you to use.

There are "how to use" instructions at the top and also links to bring up a separate window for you to view the addresses the foundation has - so you know which ones to confirm using a check box and which ones to update by filling in the form input element.

By clicking on the submit button, you send your information update to the foundation web master who will correct the foundation records.

By the way, we do need to know who you are (including your IEEE membership number) so we can rely on the information in the message we receive.

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