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History of The Foundation and IEEC Inc.

1955: A group of members of the Toronto Section of the IRE (Clare Norris, Clive Eastwood, ...), start a conference to showcase Canadian industry. Untill 1963, it is called the (IRE) Canadian Electronics Conference - 1963 photo. By 1967, the name is the International Conference and Exposition. By 1971, it is called the International Electrical, Electronics Conference and Exposition.

1971: The conference company is incorporated as the International Electrical and Electronics Conference (IEEC Inc.). Surpluses are built up over time to create reserve funds to ensure financial stability for the corporation and its directors.

1972: A Committee on the Use of Reserve Funds (CURF) of IEEC Inc. is created (by Rudi deBuda, Bill Lower, ...) to fund IEEE student activities in Canada.

1987: The conference ceases to exist - the only IEEC Inc. activity is that of CURF. The 1987 conference was officially called "Electronicom" but known informally as the Toronto IEEE Conference.

1989: Bob Alden initiates discussions at the IEEC Inc. Board and subsequently at the IEEE Region 7 Committee to explore the evolution of IEEC Inc. (CURF) into the Canadian IEEE Foundation.

1992: The transitional meeting of IEEC Inc. and the IEEE Canadian Foundation (ICF) occurs in September with the adoption of the bylaw changes and a request is made to Revenue Canada for charitable foundation status - which is granted in January 1994.

2002: Montreal Conferences Inc. (MCI) president Guy Olivier attends the September 2002 meeting of the ICF board to explore the merging of MCI and ICF resources.

2003: The ICF Board expands from 9 to 12 directors to facilitate increased representation from across Canada. The ICF website becomes dual language (English and French).

2004: The directors of MCI make a substantial directed donation to ICF and begin the process of disolution. The ICF is now operating as a national foundation in both official languages.

Note: Some of the facts and images contained in these pages were found in the Montreal Section newsletter, "Current Phase Courante" which started in September 1964 and carried information about "Region 7" and conferences in both Montreal and Toronto.

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