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The Founders - Members of IEEC Inc.

The membership of IEEC Inc. included the current, the next, and all past conference chairmen, a few other conference volunteers, and IEEE Region 7 directors since 1972. Click here to view a photograph of most of the members of IEEC Inc. taken in 1984.

Toronto Conference Chairmen
C. Norris† (1956)
C. Norris† (1957)
G. Sinclair†, LF (1958)
E. Palin†, SM (1959)
F.J. Heath†, LS (1961)
L.C. Simmonds†, LS (1963)
G.C. Eastwood, LS (1965)
H.H. Jackson†, LS (1967)
W.M. Lower†, LS (1969)
G.G. Armitage†, LS (1971)
R. deBuda†, F (1973)
W.V. Tilston†, M (1975)
D.M. Hinton†, SM (1977)
B. Hercus, SM, (1979)
L.C. Simmonds†, LS (1981)
H. Swain, SM (1983)
M. Forest, SM (1985)
Toronto Conference Members
G. Smedmor†
T.W. Purdy†, LM
E. Welling†, SM
L.C. Matteau, SM

IEEE Directors
D. M. Hinton†, SM [1972-73]
G. Sinclair†, LF [1974-75]
F. Creed†, LF [1976-77]
E. Glass†, SM [1978-79]
J.J. Archambault†, LF [80-81]
F.J. Heath†, LS [1982-83]
W.S. Read†, F [1984-85]
G.G. English, SM [1986-87]
R.T.H Alden, SM [1988-89]
A.R. Eastham, SM [1990-91]
Montreal Conference Chairmen
E.P. Turton [1960]
A.H. Gregory [1962]
A. Oxley [1964]
R. Lumsden [1966]
C.W. Shearer [1968]
A. Breton [1970]
H.S. Lunan† [1972]
G. Peron† [1974]
D. Mukhedkar† [1976]
A. Dupont [1978]
H.H. Schwartz [1980]
Y. Gervais [1982]
P. Major [1984]
D.T. McGillis [1986]
D.T. McGillis [1987]

Notation: † deceased

The Founders of Montreal Conferences Inc.

Between 2002 and 2004, Montreal Conferences Inc. (MCI) merged with the IEEE Canadian Foundation. At that time, two former and highly regarded members of the board, H.S. Lunan† and L.F. Ruggins were contacted to obtain their approval before formerly proceeding with the merger. They are seen here at the 2002 Montreal Section annual banquet. MCI ran conferences every other year, starting in 1960 until about 1987, alternating with the IEEC Inc. conference. Click here to view a photograph of the first five conference chairs.

Click here to view a photograph of individual Toronto conference chairs.

Click here to view a photograph of individual Montreal conference chairs.

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