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News - and News Archive

Dec 2008 The ICF Board of Directors met at the Delta Toronto East Hotel with Internet and Teleconference for those distant from the hotel and:
- approved the minutes of the previous Board and ExCom meetings
- reviewed/received the Treasurer's report
- declined one application for an IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Center Grant
- awarded four IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Center Grants to:
          Université de Sherbrooke
          Red River College
          University of British Columbia,
          University of Saskatchewan
- awarded a special grant to UNB for a "Robotics Competetion"
- approved a recurring annual special grant of $1000 beginning in 2009 to sponsor
  the IEEE Canada W.S. Read Outstanding Service Award
- approved in principle, the concept of listing donors in an honour roll of donors with
  an option to remain anonymous at the desire of the donor, and the concept of
  asking donors to consider making a bequest to the IEEE Canadian Foundation.
- replaced Janet Bradley by Denard Lynch as Student Branch Liaison Comm. Chair
- added Janet Bradley to the Donations Committee
- set April 2 and November 26 as the ICF Board meeting dates for 2009.
Sep 2008 The ICF Executive Committee met at the Delta Airport West Hotel in conjunction with the IEEE Canada Executive Committee and the IEEE Canada Student Branch Workshop on September 12, 2008 and:
- declined two applications for special grants
- recieved information that Christian Pepin had agreed to brcome a member of the ICF
  and serve as the "French Pages Webmaster"
- received information that IEEE Canada Executive Committee had reviewed the ICF
  bylaw changes (for information)
- received and discussed updates on creating the future donor database and the
  Canadian IEEE Life Members Fund
Jul 2008 The IEEE Foundation Executive Committee met at Pearson Airport on July 19, 2008 and:
- approved a $2,000 special grant for Sections Congress'08 to be held in Quebec City
  in concert with the IEEE Foundation's $18,000 SC08 grant.
- received and discussed updates on creating a donor database, creating a
  Canadian IEEE Life Members Fund on our online donation website, finalizing draft
  bylaw revisions prior to ICF Board consideration, creating an Investment Advisory
May 2008 Two IEEE Canadian Foundation Scholarship certificates are presented by IEEE Montreal Section chair Anader Benyamin-Seeyar at the section's general assembly held on May 14. Photo Photo

Shown on the left is Eric Breault from the Universite de Sherbrooke, and on the right is Sean Cloghesy from Concordia University.
Apr 2008 ICF Scholarship certificates are received by Section chairs who will present them to the student winners at an upcoming Section meeting. The cheques are mailed directly to the universities where they are deposited into each winning student's account. Flanking the Section Chairs are Luc Matteau, ICF Treasurer, and Ferial El-Hawary, IEEE Canada President. From the left the chairs are; Lori Hogan (N&L Section and 2006 WIE Prize recipient), Christian Pepin (Quebec Section and ICF French Webmaster), Anader Benyamin-Seeyar (Montreal Section), Wahab Almuhtadi (Ottawa Section), Keith Brown (Northern Canada Section), and Philip Choi (Southern Alberta Section). Photo
Apr 2008 The Board of Directors meeting is held on April 3, after the Annual Membership meeting and;
- re-elects as members Bob Alden, Ray Findlay, Miro Forest, Luc Matteau and Wally Read for 5-yr terms
- elects a new member Ron Palmer (South Saskatchewan) for a 5-yr term
- noted that all Sections now have representation on the foundation membership
- elects Hugh Swain as an emeritus member while noting that Hugh has served this board and its predecessor for 27 continuous years
- reappoints the current officers for a further one-year term
- appoints members to the operating committees
- aproves the establishment of an investment advisory committee
- aproves the establishment of a Canadian Life Member Fund
- aproves the establishment of an executive committee
- awards eight 2008 IEEE Canadian Foundation Scholarships at $3,500 each,
      Robert Cove, Memorial University
      Desbiens Guy, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
      Mohammad Haj-Shafiei, University of Toronto
      Sean Cloghesy, Concordia University
      Taban Rizvi, University of Alberta
      Nathan Adolph, University of Calgary
      Aminul Islam, Carleton University
      Éric Breault, Université de Sherbrooke
- awards four IEEE Canadian Foundation Special Grants
      UOIT - “Engineering Week by IEEE” initiative
      University of Alberta - Space Elevator Racing Team
      IEEE Canada - Student Training Workshop
      CCECE'08 - Best Student Paper Awards
- awards the 2008 IEEE Canada Power Quality Scholarship, $1500, to Audrey Catherine Kertesz of the University of Calgary
- awards the 2008 IEEE Canada Women in Engineering Prize, $1,000, to Visda Vokhshoori (Toronto Section)
Apr 2008 The Annual Membership meeting is held on April 3 and;
- receives the President's annual report describing progress over the past year and plans for the future
- receives the report of the Grants committee summarizing that in 2007, the IEEE Canadian Foundation
- awarded 7 Scholarships, 8 Learning Centre Upgrade Grants, 6 Special Grants, 1 Women in Engineering Prize, 1 Power Quality Scholarship, and 2 IEEE Canadian Foundation Québec Science Fair Prizes - totaling $52,950,370.
- re-elects current directors Bob Alden, Ray Findlay, Sam Iskandar, and David Whyte, whose 3-yr terms are expiring
- elects one new director, David Gregson for a 3-yr term.
- approved the 2008 operating budget and appointed the auditors for 2008
Jan 2008
Janet Bradley, IEEE Canadian Foundation Director, is being awarded the IEEE Canada Central Canada Merit Award.
David Gregson, IEEE Canadian Foundation Member, is being awarded the IEEE Canada Western Canada Merit Award.
The value of the IEEE Canada Women in Engineering Prize has been increased from $750 to $1000 for 2008.
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