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News - and News Archive

Dec 2010 The IEEE Canadian Foundation receives a $22,000 directed donation from the Vancouver Section to create the Vancouver Section Scholarship Fund.
Dec 2010 The IEEE Canadian Foundation website is expanded to include more pages on ways to give including options with online donations.
Dec 2010 The Board of Directors, by email vote, elects Mo El-Hawary as Vice President Development to replace David Gregson who was unable to contine to serve in that capacity.
Nov 2010 The Board of Directors teleconference is held on November 25 and;
- awards five McNaughton Learning Resource Centre Grants
      to establish a centre at UBC Okanagan
      to upgrade the centre at RMC
      to upgrade the centre at Queen's University
      to upgrade the centre at University of Alberta
      to upgrade the centre at Carleton University
- awards eight IEEE Canadian Foundation Special Grants
      U Laval SB - Compétitions d'électronique et de programmation
      U Quebec Trois Rivieres - Compétition de génie électrique
      U Calgary SB - Innovation for Humanity: The Design Competition
      IEEE Canada HIC - Humanitarian Student Design Competition
      All Saints High School - Robotics Team, Kanata ON
      Carleton U - 2011 Student Professional Awareness Conference
      U Calgary SB - Silicon Valley Trip to meet with Industry Specialists
      Discovery Centre, Halifax, NS - Junior/Senior High School Workshop
- establishes the Life Member Fund and Donor Appreciation program
- establishes the Vancouver Section Scholarship Fund
- elects Pankaj Sharma, Northern Canada Section, to a 5-year membership
- ratifies the actions at the October 15 Executive Committee Meeting

Nov 2010 Photo Denard Lynch presents an IEEE Canadian Foundation Scholarship to Jonathon Cole Dale, an undergraduate student at the University of Saskatchewan and an active member of their IEEE Student Branch, at the North Saskatchewan Section's AGM on Nov 26th, 2010.

Denard is the chair of the ICF Student Branch Liaison Committee and the ICF's liaison to his Section.

Oct 2010 The ICF Executive Committee meets in conjunction with the IEEE Canada Board of Directors meeting on October 15 and;
- awards four IEEE Canadian Foundation Special Grants
      IEEE Canada Humanitarian Initiatives Committee (HIC)
          Promotional Booth
      Carlton University - Internet Mobile Controlled Copter Project
      W.L. Seaton Secondary School, Vernon B.C. - Science Engineering
          Curriculum Shift
      Carlton University - Internet Mobile Controlled Quadcopter Project
- awards one Endowed Grant
      Liang Han of l'École Polytechnique de Montréal to present
          “Radio-Radar Data Fusion Platform for Future ITS” at the
          European Radar Conference
- establishes the Tribute Giving program

May 2010 Photo IEEE Canada presents the W.S. Read Outstanding Service Award to Dr. Mo El-Hawary of Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 3, 2010 at the annual Awards Banquet in Calgary, Alberta.

Mo is a Fellow of IEEE, EIC and CAE and a recipient of many awards; IEEE Canada McNaughton Gold Medal, EIC Smith and CPR medals, IEEE PES Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award. He is also a "distinguishes lecturer" for IEEE Canada as well as IEEE Power and Energy and Industry Applications Societies. He served as IEEE Canada President in 2002 and 2003 and IEEE Secretary in 2004 and 2005 in addition to many other positions. Mo has been a member of the ICF since 2004 and is currently the Vice Chair of the Development Committee.

Apr 2010 The Board of Directors meeting is held on April 8, after the Annual Membership meeting and;
- renames the Donations Committee as the Development Committee
- creates a new Section Liaison Committee
- appoints the officers for the 2010-11 one-year term:
      President - Bob Alden
      First Vice President - David Whyte
      Treasurer - Luc Matteau
      Secretary - Ossama Iskandar
- appoints David Whyte as VP Grants and David Gregson as VP Development
- appoints members to the operating committees
- awards three 2010 IEEE Canadian Foundation Scholarships at $5,000 each;
      Rafik Bourezak, École Polytechnique Montréal
      Jonathan Cole Dale, University of Saskatchewan
      Mohamed Haggag, Carleton University
- awards four IEEE Canadian Foundation Special Grants
      IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Chapter (Toronto Section)
          for the Student Innovation Competition
      University of Victoria Robotics Competitions
      UBC IEEE Student Branch Pilot Field Trip to Japan
      IEEE Canada - Student Training Workshop
- Seven Endowed Awards
      awards IEEE Canada WIE Prize to Rosalyn Seeton (Ottawa Section)
      awards IEEE Canada Power Quality Award to Aly Saleh (Univ of Alberta)
      payment for Two Québec Science Fair Prizes
      payment for three IEEE Canada medals
- reaffirmed that ICF Scholarship holders must have demonstrated
      continuing leadership in McNaughton Centres
- approved a Memorandum of Understanding with IEEE Canada
- approved the Investment Guidelines and Objectives document
April 2010 The Annual Membership meeting is held on April 8 and;
- receives the President's annual report
- receives the report of the Grants committee summarizing that in 2009, the IEEE Canadian Foundation awarded 5 Scholarships, 3 Learning Centre Upgrade Grants, 7 Special Grants, 1 Women in Engineering Prize, 1 Vehicular Technology Travel Grant, 1 Power Quality Scholarship, 2 IEEE Canadian Foundation Québec Science Fair Prizes and funded 1 IEEE Canada medal - totaling $42,063.
- re-elects current directors Luc Matteau and John Plant for 3-yr terms
- elects two new directors, Denard Lynch and Maike Luiken for 3-yr terms
- receives the audited financial statement and investment report for 2009
- receives the report of the investment advisory committee
- approves the 2010 operating budget and appointed the auditors for 2010
- approves in principle a draft new Operations Manual

Photo ICF President Bob Alden presents Tom Purdy with the ICF Outstanding Service Award during the 2010 AGM.

Tom steps down after 12 years of service which included a three-year term as Director, including two as Secretary. Prior to Tom joining the ICF, his father had served on the predecessor organization (IEEC Inc.) and continued on the ICF This marks the end of the only example of a father and son serving continuously on the ICF since its inception.

Photo ICF Treasurer Luc Matteau receives a $20,000 cheque from IEEE Foundation President Dr. Richard J. Gowen during the 2010 AGM. The ICF notes its appreciation for this generous sponsorship of the award noted below.

Dick Gowen, sometimes referred to as the IEEE Centennial President, was President of IEEE in 1984. He has a practice of attending the ICF AGM every two or three years - in part - reinforcing the close collaboration between the two foundations.

Mar 2010 Photo The IEEE Foundation Board of Directors has approved a $20,000 grant to the IEEE Canadian Foundation to sponsor IEEE Canada's newest award - which will be known as the Robert H. Tanner Industry Leadership Award.

Bob Tanner was 1965 Ottawa Section Chair, 1968 Region 7 Director, the first Canadian to serve as IEEE President in 1972, and one of the founding directors of the IEEE Foundation. He led the establishment of Region 7 (now IEEE Canada) awards program by initiating the presentation of the Andrew G.L. McNaughton Medal in 1969. In his professional life, he was a highly skilled manager and accoustical engineer. For more details, please read his biography.

Feb 2010 Photo ICF President Bob Alden was in Ottawa on February 27 to receive the EIC John B. Sterling Medal. In part, the citation reads "for his concept, planning and implementation of a strategy that culminated in creating IEEE Canada as a Member Society of the EIC while retaining its relationship within IEEE as Region 7; and for continuing with the development of IEEE Canada by implementing major improvements to its website, a major awards program and integration with the IEEE Canadian Foundation".

The annual Awards Gala of the Engineering Institute of Canada is held in our nation's capital during Engineering Week. The photograph shows the EIC President, Dr. Marc Rosen (on the left), presenting the award. Dr Rosen is Dean of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa.

Jan 2010 Photo The IEEE Board of Directors has approved the recommendation of the IEEE Awards Board that Ray Findlay will receive the IEEE Haraden Pratt Award at the annual IEEE Honors Ceremony which will be held in Montreal this summer. The citation reads "for sustained leadership at IEEE and regional levels in effecting positive change for IEEE and its members".

Ray is currently a Director of the ICF and Chair of its Nominations and Corporate Governance Committee. He is also Director-Emeritus of IEEE Canada. He was the first President of IEEE Canada in 1995 and the third Canadian to serve as President of IEEE (in 2002).
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